Riding with large groups of other riders requires some thought.

It is easy to end up bunching up, increasing your risk of crashing. It’s also easy to lose people off the back of the pack, leaving them to get lost without you realising.

A conversation about who rides where before you leave as a group is helpful. The leader should know where they’re going and should be aware of the speed of the slowest rider in the group.

Those in between should try and position themselves so that they have a clear view of the road ahead. That means staggering your position, rather than riding in a line like a snake.

Junctions and roundabouts mean closing up so that the riders at the back can see where the riders at the front have gone. The lead rider should reduce their pace until they know that the last bike has made it back into line.

If you find yourself riding in a pack of unknown riders, find a slot and make your own space. If the pace is too quick, drop to the back and let them crack on. If it’s too slow, slowly progress to the front with a wave now and then.

Most of all, remember to leave plenty of space for everyone, including you!



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