Hi everyone.

The details still haven’t been confirmed as yet, but I’d just like to make you aware that the 2017 Indian International Rally will be taking place in Sweden.

If it’s something that you think members might be interested in going to then please keep it in mind for next summer.

If we did undertake a club visit to this event it would involve a multi-day ride to the venue (yet to be confirmed). We’d be looking at 1200 miles each way and I think it would need to be supported with a van or minibus to carry luggage, spares and tools.

Logistically it would require some careful planning, and that will take some time to arrange. If we are up for it then planning should begin very soon.

I’m well aware that there are lots of other events throughout the year that we can attend, but I just wanted to throw this one out there to see what you think. Let’s have a chat about it here and at the next meeting to gauge interest.

Cheers JP

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