American V-Twin Riders Club (AVRC), was started in July 2016 with the substantial support of Robinsons Foundry motorcycles of Canterbury.

Motorcyclists do not need an excuse to go for a ride but having a club could provide an additional opportunity to meet like-minded people for ride-outs, events or socialising.

Although the passion of the club is American V-Twin motorcycles, AVRC will not copy other single make clubs. AVRC is not exclusively American and with the Foundry supporting multiple brands; our members recognise that not all friends & customers own American V-Twins; so, it is important for the club to be inclusive and welcome, by invitation, all motorcyclists.

AVRC is non-territorial with full respect to senior clubs in our area.

It’s early days for AVRC with all the members having the opportunity to influence our success positively. AVRC meets every 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting at 19.30 at The Blean Tavern near Canterbury, Kent.