The chances are that the sections of the autobahn in Germany where there are no speed restrictions will have limits imposed soon, so the clock is ticking on this one.

You can do it in a day if you’re on an early channel crossing.

Once onto German motorway soil, look for the blue square signs with a number in the middle, these are the advisory speed limit. That means if you view it to be safe to do so, you can travel faster.

Angle one of your mirrors so that you can still see behind you when you’re crouched along the tank and wind your bike up into top gear.

While keeping an eye out for traffic up ahead is critical, it is not uncommon to be flashed out of the fast lane by 155mph Audis, Porsches and BMWs. They’re not being rude, but you are if you don’t shift over and let them past.

If you find that you’re running flat out, relax your grip on the bars slightly and concentrate on the road rather than trying to stare at your speedo.

To slow down, slowly wind the throttle off be prepared for a fair bit of windblast when you sit back up. Don’t just grab the brakes.

Turn around at the next junction and repeat going the other way.

Once you’re out of Germany don’t be tempted to keep the speed up, the fines are on the spot and will make your eyes water more than the speed ever could.

Now, if Dave can just work out how to remove the speed limiter from everyone’s Stage 2 equipped Indians, I think this could make for an entertaining days ride.


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