We have a new meeting place!

For the last few weeks there has been much discussion about the venue for our monthly meetings. Dave has been busy making enquiries with a few local ale houses to find out if we would be welcome to use their facilities for those meetings. The most approachable of these venues was the Blean Tavern on the A290, just north of Blean village.

With this in mind members attending last night’s meeting decided that we should visit the pub. The owner is very amenable and made us feel very welcome. The good news is that the pub offers a great range of food and drink, has a large car park and is far enough away from houses that those of us with loud pipes won’t be a nuisance visit this web-site.

For the foreseeable future we will now hold our monthly meetings at the Blean Tavern. Our next meeting is scheduled for the 20th of September at 1930, there will be another post with specifics later in the month, but for now, if you’re passing the Tavern, why not stop in for a drink and see what you think.




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